What Inspires You?

What Inspires You?

Who or what is your Inspiration?

From Dictionary.com


verb (used with object)inspired, inspiring.


to produce or arouse (a feeling, thought, etc.):

to inspire confidence in others.
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Whether it's walking along the beach and breathing in the fresh salty ocean air or it's perusing the textile/fashion district with a creative friend of mine, I can find inspiration everywhere. At least when I'm in the present moment. 
I love being surrounded by people, places and things that inspire me. It feels be up with optimism, happiness, peace and a strong desire or rather passion to release and share my creativity. Perhaps it's my never ending curiosity and quest, I just know that after spending sometime with someone or something that inspires me, I feel reborn. 
The feeling doesn't always last though. For example I love, love, LOVE New York City. From the moment I step off the plane at LaGuardia until I board the plane back home to LA, I am inspired. From the sights, the sounds, to the smells of the corner food stands I New York inspires me. BUT after five days I'm done and long to return home and get working and focus on releasing the creative bug in me. 
My greatest source of people who inspire me are those that (despite themselves or fear) are willing to take the risk and just do IT. What is IT? Generally IT is anything out of their comfort zone or doing something that someone has told them they can't possibly do. (You know, the odds are against you type of thing) I'm inspired by these super beings because sometimes I've held myself back from doing something whether it stemmed from fear or perhaps from being the "responsible" one. But then I think back to the times when I've thrown all caution to the wind and how I felt on top of the world I felt afterwards. The confidence, the inner strength that only comes from doing something brave. 
How have you been inspired in your life? 
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