Take 20 with Yoga with Adriene

Take 20 with Yoga with Adriene

The life of an entrepreneur has its highs and its lows...  good days and not so good days. I think everyone can agree that as an entrepreneur, we wear several different hats not only with our business life, but with our family and personal life too. Sometimes (okay, let's be honest here... most times ) we're better at taking care of and being there for everyone else before we taking care of ourselves and our needs.

I'm a huge fan of the Air Mask Mantra (take care of yourself first - so you can be there for others) and I'm always preaching it to my clients. Sounds selfish and self-serving but not when you truly think about it... what do they tell you during the safety lesson on a plane. Put your Air Mask on first before you put the mask on others. Why? Well if you're not there, who's going to help the others? Exactly!

Start with 5 minutes... better yet start with 20 minutes in the morning, every morning. Forget the Facebook newsfeed and have coffee and Yoga with Adriene. I PROMISE you, 20 minutes a day with Adriene and her happy personality and yoga breathing and stretches first thing in the morning will be a life changer. 

Try this breathing practice from this morning. You can even do this from the comfort of a chair but why not splurge and get a yoga mat and take 20 on the floor. I think a good breathing practice is imperative to relieving stress, reducing high blood pressure and just clearing your head and heart. Give it a whirl.. what do you have to lose but 20 minutes of nonsense Facebook drama. 

Your heart will thank you! 




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