Shopify Product AI - Generator

Shopify Product AI - Generator

There are two things that clients get frustrated over when it comes to writing copy for their store - product description and their Bios.
I believe that Shopify has removed one of those pain points by recently launching the AI-Generator for Product Descriptions.
Current Product Title 
Shopify Product AI generator

See those fancy little purple stars next to Paragraph under Description?

Click there and simply enter in a few keywords to describe your product and decide on the tone of voice you'd like to use. Click Generate Text.


Shopify Product AI Generator

From there you can either make adjustments, try again or accept the copy and go on to your next product description. 
Shopify AI Generator Product Description
The generated copy will show under Suggestion. You have the option of keeping it or fine-tuning and trying again. 
While I've seen much better results for other clients on the first round,
I think this could use a little bit of fine-tuning.
I've changed the tone of voice to Sophisticated and I think I actually like this.
Shopify Product Generator AI


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