Wholesale Gorilla and Hippie Chick Design Partners

Wholesale Gorilla

I'm thrilled to announce that I have recently become a Wholesale Gorilla Partner!!  As many of my B2B clients will tell you, Wholesale Gorilla is my wholesale app of choice.  Great features and fabulous customer service (when you need it). 

There's no need to create a duplicate set of products in Shopify with Wholesale Gorilla, you simply install Wholesale Gorilla, set up your registration form, set up your tags and discounts and voila, you're in business. 

If you have existing B2B clients in your Shopify customers list, simple tag them and invite them to create an account. 

Some of my favorite features:

  • Discount Levels:  You can offer more than one discount level for your B2B clients. Example, I have one client who offers a "trade" discount and a second "retail" discount. Her B2B clients log in with their email address and Wholesale Gorilla displays their pricing.
  • Set up separate shipping for your wholesale clients. Fabulous for stores like myself, where we offer Free shipping for our retail customers but charge our retail accounts.
  • Hide products from B2B clients. Tag the products you don't want to be available to your wholesale customers as "retail only" and only your retail clients will see them.
  • Hide products from Retail customers. Tag the products as "wholesale only."
  • Create order minimums/maximums by either inventory or $$ amounts.

There are two pricing plans.

The Standard Plan:

  • Unlimited Pricing and Groups
  • Net Terms
  • Quick Order Form
  • Basic Wholesale Registration Form
  • Order Limits
  • Wholesale shipping rules

The Advanced Plan includes all the features above but also allows you to:

  • Upload CSV Files
  • Offer Quantity Breaks
  • Locks Pages
  • Offer Advanced Payment Terms
  • Custom Registration Form
  • Customer Specific Product Exclusions

 Be sure to check out Wholesale Gorilla and expand your business model to include B2B.  If you have questions, or want to have it installed in your Shopify store, send me an email today and I'll get you all set up!! 


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