Tools of the Trade: Dymo 4XL Label Writer

When I first started Beauty Cafe back in 1997, the eCommerce world was so different.

Gosh things have changed so much in the past 25 years. I used a real credit card terminal to key in transactions, batched my orders out on a nightly basis and I would handwrite shipping labels. Boy were those the days!! 

I was so excited when they finally came out with Internet Shipping Labels from Avery or Staples that I could print on my InkJet/Laser Writer printers. 

The downside was that the labels were pretty expensive, they would get jammed up in the printer from time to time. I had to pay attention to the layout of used labels or I'd end up wasting labels (I kid you not) and I was having to purchase toner several times a year, which was also pretty expensive. Those supply expenses added up quickly and Shipping costs were already pretty high, Offering Free Shipping was pretty much the norm and I wanted to cut back somewhere. But most importantly I wanted to be more efficient.


So a few years back, I splurged on a Dymo 4XL Labelwriter which was an absolute game changer. I no longer needed to purchase the Internet Postage Labels or Toner. The Labels for the 4XL were a fraction of the cost of the Avery Labels. While Dymo recommends that you use their labels, Amazon has some pretty good alternatives.  Toner was also a thing of the past... ironically I just realized my HP LaserJet is now going on 15 years! That's crazy!! I was able to extend it's life. 

Every now and then you can find a pretty good deal on the 4XL and the labels. 

You can purchase yours here: 

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