Tools of the Trade: Bubble Mailers

I get asked all the time by clients for tips and tricks about shipping. As we all know, shipping is E•X•P•E•N•S•I•V•E! these days! While I am always looking to save money on supplies for my business, I don't want to cut corners that could end up costing me more.  I do my research and I'm always looking for new and improved ways to run my wholesale and retail business efficiently.  

I am the US Importer for Keromask Camouflage Cream, and I work with Direct to Consumer (D2C) and Business 2 Business (B2B). A tube of Keromask weights 1.7 ounces so when I ship one tube, I generally ship via First Class, now known as USPS Ground Advantage. To keep things light, I use a mailer. I've purchase various mailers through the years but there is one company that I have consistently purchased from in recent years on Amazon.  

These are UCGOU Bubble Mailers and they come in various sizes. I use the 6" X !0" for shipping up to 4 tubes (comfortably) of Keromask. I've never had any issues with rips or tears and on the RARE occasion when a customer says they haven't received their order, I tell them to search for a 6" X !0" HOT PINK bubble mailer and then they usually find it because it stands out. I've even had a Post Office be able to locate a misplaced one simply because the color stood out.

I have tried various brands but the UCGOU have the best quality. The self-sealing pull of always works. There have been a couple of times where they were out of stock and I was desperate and I ordered a different brand. Always a disappointment so now I am much better about stocking up. 


You can find the mailers here:

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