Lisa Slavik

Lisa Slavik

My first gig in design was as a Production Coordinator for Hollywood Title Services, a company that specialized in Motion Picture and Television Titles. Our client list included Disney, Universal, and Imagine Entertainment to name just a few.

My mentors were the masters of Typography and Title Design Wayne and Eric Fitzgerald, and Mike Eppstein. I learned Typography on a Typositor, one character at a time.
There is a very good chance that if you saw a film dated 1997 to 1992, I set the type for the main and end titles, including the subtitles for Dances with Wolves and Godfather III.

I’m blessed to have worked with Apple Computer, Adobe Software, and even worked as a Printer Customer Service liaison with Markzware Software in the development of PreFlight Software, speaking at MacWorld Expos. I have extensive experience using both Windows and Mac. However, Mac is my platform of choice.

In 1997, I ventured into the world of eCommerce, launching one of the first beauty and fragrance websites Beauty Cafe. Someone once told me that I am considered somewhat of an online beauty pioneer, (let's just say I had more rejections when I started Beauty Cafe than an out-of-work Hollywood Actor). I even had one vendor tell me I was absolutely insane to think I could sell fragrances on the internet. Thank goodness she took a chance on me anyway!! Beauty Cafe was the online launching pad for many of today's highly coveted beauty and fragrance brands.

Since 1997, I have consulted with numerous small businesses owners, collaborating on creating and developing their online business presence. Sharing my knowledge and expertise,  I will work with you to create a personalized presence and work one on one to show you how to manage it yourself using the latest in software.

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