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Jamie was introduced to me by a mutual client, Sharon from Hobby Hill Farm.  The minute Jamie and I spoke, I knew we had to work together. 

Jamie is the owner of Yellow Barn Media, a full-service marketing firm dedicated to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs excel at social media and online marketing.

She started her first business at 13, buying and reselling horse equipment at local weekend competitions. As a young professional, Jamie worked for corporations in administrative, human resources and management positions. 

Jamie launched Yellow Barn Media, in 2008 and has never looked back. She understands the challenges of maintaining and growing a business. Customer needs, employee schedules, payroll, and administrative tasks take precedence. Website updates, blogs, email newsletters, and social media posts quickly fall to the bottom of the to-do list. Jamie found her passion for working with others, just like me. 

As a veteran marketing professional, she's been involved in all aspects of the industry and looks forward to sharing her knowledge and experience with you. 

Please feel free to connect directly with Jamie here

P.S. She's a horsewoman like me!!