Alannah is our Social Media Expert. She loves getting to know her clients and building a relationship with them. As a young, working mother and wife, Alannah brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our team. She used a computer before she could talk and even taught her kindergarten teacher how to use a computer. Alannah has always had an inquisitive nature about her and loves sharing what she knows. Her friendly and cheerful personality make her a pleasure to be around and her clients love the connection she has with her network of young mothers. 

Alannah is available for direct collaborations on Social Media in addition to working with us here at Hippie Chick Studios. Her current collaborations include Fabletics and Kroger and has a current organic IG following of over 14k.

Please feel feel to reach out to Alannah directly or follow her on Instagram @raising_julian. To start work with Alannah today, visit our Social Media Services page