Shopify Mentor

Hippie Chick Design is proud to be a Certified Shopify Expert.

I love teaching people how to fish... one of the beautiful things I discovered about Shopify, is that it puts the power in the hands of the people. But sometimes we just need to get pointed in the right direction. Or we just want to have someone on call who can steer us straight.  So, after working with numerous clients, I decided to also offer a Shopify Mentor Program. I believe that you should always know how to run your own business, even if you don't have to. 

In my free consult with you, we'll discuss your needs and what you want to achieve working with Shopify. Maybe you've worked with websites for 20 years but you just need someone to walk you through the back end. Perhaps you're looking for the perfect Review App? Or you just want to try to build your store on the Shopify platform but want someone on the sidelines who's just a text away... call me! 

In just a few short years, Shopify has become the most respected and trusted e-commerce platform. Shopify is your one-stop shop to achieving your entrepreneur dreams. Shopify offers hundreds of free and paid templates and thousands of Apps to take your business all the way to the top.

However, sometimes just getting started can be intimidating and knowing what to do, what theme to pick, what apps to use... but with my 20+ years of experience in e-commerce, combined with my Shopify experience I can help you create and build your online business presence with Shopify. Sometimes my clients just want me on stand by to call when they have questions, sometimes they have specific needs about using a specific app and sometimes they just need an hour or two of onboarding consulting to get their feet wet.

Whatever your needs may be, please reach out to me and I'll put together a custom package just for you.

Shopify Expert