When I first started out wanting to become an influencer and a blogger, I knew that it was important to me to that I set myself apart from the others. I wanted to be as genuine as I could be, even if it meant posting some sponsored posts. If I don’t believe in something or use something then I wouldn’t take on the collaboration, even if I was paid for it. I also would be genuine in my relationships. I’ve had tons of moms reach out to me asking me for help and I always help them. When I first started my journey, I didn’t get much help. It’s almost as if everyone was keeping some big secret so that they would be the only ones doing it. But then these were the same women saying they were about feminism and the sisterhood, helping other women – ha!

Anyways, that is not what this post is about. This post is about When Life and sharing my love story. I met my wonderful friend Melinda last year.

Melinda had created When Life on her own because of her background and life experiences. It’s not my place to share her story but if you want to find out more about Melinda and also check out her fabulous designs, please visit her website.  She has one of the biggest hearts ever and she is actually someone who took a chance with me and was my first collaboration. To be honest, I had no idea what I was doing, but I was excited. We bounced ideas off each other and it soon became something so genuine and beautiful and I cherish our friendship. Melinda has the kindest soul. So thank you Melinda for your patience, your belief in me, and for loving my little family as your own.

Now, as promised. Right in time for Valentine’s Day… my love story.

I am happy to share with you how I married my High School Sweetheart, J.D. We actually met when we were 8 and 9. His sister and I were on the same cheerleading squad.

Fast forward to high school… Allen High School in Allen, Texas. If you haven’t heard of it, you might want to Google it. (No seriously – it’s famous for our band and how much money they spent on our football stadium. Everything is bigger in Texas).

Anyway, I remember finding out my first period class was going to be Math. I HATED math. Math was my worst subject and if I had it first period that means I literally would have it every single day of my life. So the first day of school I find myself sitting in front of JD in class. Our Math teacher was very nice and would let us do assignments together, etc. So there was always lots of time for interaction.

I remember one of the girls in our group mentioned how she was going to be singing one night at this restaurant and would love for all of us to go to support her. Johnathon was one year older and he had his license (which I didn’t). So he told me he would take me if I wanted to and that is how we exchanged phone numbers.

A few weeks later, I was out of town and when I came back I noticed I had a voicemail. I listened to the voicemail and it was Johnathon asking me if I knew if we had church that week. We went to the same church on Wednesdays and since it was a holiday he wasn’t sure. I called him back and we spent a few hours talking on the phone that night.

Pretty sure I got in trouble for that — sorry mom, here is your apology 13 years later. Anyways. We started hanging out before school, eating breakfast together, and just talking. One day JD asked me if I could go to Starbucks with him after school. I told him I had never been on a date before but would need to check with my mom. On my way to school I asked my mom if it was cool if JD took me to Starbucks after school. It was an early release day meaning we got out around 12pm. She said that was fine to just be home by 5pm. (Man my mom is so cool guys–haha JK that was dinner time).

So 12pm came, and I met JD outside his science class. He was finishing up his test and would be a few minutes. It was such a cold day that day that when we were leaving, my glasses ended up fogging up and I felt ridiculous. I hated my glasses. JD drove us to Starbucks in his car, he drove an older Mercedes. It was about a 5 mile drive and the whole time we were freezing and by the time we got to Starbucks the heater finally had kicked in. We went inside Starbucks and the joke of it was that we actually ordered two Caramel Frapps. Even though it was FREEZING outside, we still got the two coldest drinks possible. LOL but we were kids, so what did we care? From there we went back to his house and he gave me a tour. I remember asking if anyone was home and he said his parents were at work and his sister was out with her friend and his younger brother was at school still. I remember replying with, “My mom wouldn’t like that I am here with you by myself.” Mom do I get any points for this?

HAHA looking back that was so embarrassing. But being the true gentleman JD is, we ended up leaving to go for a drive and picked up his younger brother and sister. Right before the date was over, JD asked me to be his girlfriend. I remember he was putting air in his tires before driving me home and I was texting my best friend Brittany all the details. And as you know, the rest is history.

13 years is a long time. It has not been easy by any means but it has been worth it. We still try to find ways to sweep each other off our feet. What is most important, is that he listens and remembers the little things. When I have had a bad day, and have had anxiety attacks, I have come home to a bubble bath with candles. If I have a deadline to make, he will help by taking care of all of Julian’s bed time routine. He has dinner ready by the time I get home. My favorite is just when he knows. When I haven’t even had to tell him the kind of day I had and he just lets me vent to him about everything.

Once Julian goes to bed, if I have fallen asleep myself, he will wake me up to share cookies together, or a cereal date. He always tries his best to make sure that we have our time together too. I know that kids are important but I have seen it so much lately how marriages are important too and to not leave that behind when focusing on your kids. Because as your kids get older and leave the house, it will just be you and your spouse again.

Valentine’s Day is just another Hallmark holiday to us. We show our love every day in different ways, and although a fancy dinner is nice, I would prefer it the day after or before. I don’t need the over priced meals and packed restaurant to show my husband I love him. For me, I would enjoy a nice movie on Netflix, some popcorn, and sharing some chocolate once Julian has fallen asleep.

Ever relationship is different, but this is us, and for the past 13 years we have only become stronger and stronger and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I love you Johnathon, thank you for being my Valentine for the past 13 years, and the next years to come.

xoxo  – Alannah

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