Growing up, I have to say that my mom always had great birthday parties planned for me. As much as I love pinning stuff on Pinterest, I am more of an Amazon Prime mom.

I’ll be honest, I had every intention of throwing a Fiesta Bash for Julian’s 3rd birthday. But a month before he turned 3, I changed my mind. He has enough toys and didn’t need a full blown party. Instead, I wanted to celebrate as a family and create memories together. I quickly let friends and family know that instead of Christmas gifts, please help send us to Disneyland.

I went on the hunt for ears to wear to Disneyland. I have a couple pair from past trips, but none of them have held up well enough to continue to wear them on another trip. For some reason, by the end of the day they are falling off and won’t stand up well. I searched on Instagram for small shops who specialize in making mouse ears and found  Magical Earspirations.

I quickly sent Janet a DM, and from the moment we chatted, I knew I would be in good hands. She is so creative! She has tons of premade ears that are different themed, she has Valentines Day ears, Ariel Ears, Star Wars ears, Vintage Mickey ears, and of course she does custom orders.

If you are looking for the sequin, glitter, puffy bow style she is your girl! She quickly asked me if we had a theme for our trip. I showed her the shirt that my son would be wearing, and she clicked her heels (see what I did there) and seriously, magic happened!

They arrived so fast, and I felt so giddy when the package arrived. I quickly tried them on, and just from that moment could she made excellent quality “ears.” I gave them the test, I shook my head sides ways, up and down, and would you believe it, they didn’t budge. I can honestly say from 9am – 7pm (the time we were at the park) they did not leave my head once, and I did not get a headache. I also was able to leave them on the entire time when I was on rides which is something that I am normally not able to do.

My best friend Kimberly, from Texas flew out to join us  and surprised us with the cutest shirt for Julian to wear. As soon as we arrived to Disneyland, we made our traditional stop at Starbucks.  Plus, because of my sons patience (or lack thereof) while waiting on the tram and going through security, I bribe my son with chocolate milk and a cake pop. I’ll be honest, even as an adult just dealing with parking, security, and the tram my patience runs thin, so Starbucks is my treat!

The first ride we took the birthday boy on was Pinocchio. This was Julian’s first time riding it and he had so much fun. It cracks me up because although the lines are never too long, as soon as we get off the ride he says “Go again!” Oh Julian, if only it was that easy.

It was pretty packed for a day that was blacked out for annual pass members, and it was also freezing cold so that is why we ended up leaving early.  We asked Julian what his favorite ride was at the end of the day, and he said that the Buzz Lightyear ride was his favorite because he got to shoot the laser at targets. He actually beat me too! They had just got done renovating a bunch of the larger rides, so this was also his first time going on The Haunted Mansion when it was not themed with The Nightmare Before Christmas.

We had a wonderful time. We would love to thank all our friends and family who made the trip to Disneyland possible. Although Julian is still young, having pictures of the memories that we made together as a family mean a lot to me.

Thank you also to Janet, owner of Magical Earspirations for the beautiful custom ears. You have such a passion for creating Disney ears and it really shows in your quality of work. If you too want your own custom ears, please feel free to  email or send her a DM on Instagram.


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