I was given the chance to review the Life Clock available at Gabby Box! It is a disaster preparedness product and has 5 different items to help in the case of a natural disaster or emergency. It comes with the clock, which is actually the case for items like an I.C.E. card, chemical lights, rescue whistle, thermal blanket, gauze, and emergency flag. I love that i can display this as part of my home decor, while knowing if there ever was a disaster I have these items close by. Living in SoCal, you always hear that we are expecting a big earthquake. Honestly, it’s something I push out of my mind because the thought of what can happen just gives me anxiety. But having the Life Clock makes me feel rest assured I have some of the basic relief goods right at hand. Thanks Gabby Box

*Thank you to Gabby Box for sponsoring this post. All opinions are of my own. I love this company and I am delighted to share their products with you. **

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