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Exploring Our Own Backyard!

Today was the perfect day and exactly what I’ve been needing. Julian decided to sleep in this morning which allowed me a chance to get some work done. We took our time getting up and getting our day started. Then… we saw Cars 3 was on Netflix and decided to stay in and watch it! Thank you so much for finally getting it Netflix. (None of the cars movies have ever been on Netflix)

Then we packed up the car and headed to Westfield Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia, CA to meet up with our mom tribe. If you have never been to Westfield Santa Anita Mall, truly do put it on your bucket list of things to do and see in LA. So blessed to live in Los Angeles with so many diverse cultures and our local mall is what I can only imagine a trip to Asia must be like. The stores are unlike any other stores in other malls, many of them are based in Japan or China.

Our first stop was the food court. We had fun catching up and taking turns holding babies so we could all grab a quick bite to eat. Mom life isn’t easy y’all but it sure is a beautiful thing to watch these kids grow up in front of our eyes. Then we went into a few of the stores hoping to wear the kids out, but lets be honest that never happens.

Next stop? Outside. Westfield Santa Anita has this fabulous outdoor shopping area connected to the indoor portion of the mall. We found some cute areas that literally will stop you in the tracks and make you want to have an impromptu photo shoot.

We had so much fun and it was so beautiful to see tons of other families stopping to take the exact same pictures and just enjoying the wonderful California 80 degree winter weather that we are so lucky to have.

A couple of people stopped to ask about the jewelry I was wearing. So… I decided to take a couple of pics to show them off and share with you. They’re from a fabulous boutique line by jewelry designer Victoria Emerson.  I couldn’t be any more obsessed with the two pieces I have from her collection so far.

One bracelet is actually a Boho cuff.  Bet you had no idea! The style I have is called Vigo and its secured by a magnetic clasp that literally makes taking it off and putting it on so simple!  The necklace that I am wearing I have layered, and is the Green, White, and Metallic Crystal. I always love wearing this necklace to work because it dresses up my uniform and I always get compliments on it from our patients. While you can wear it anyway you like, I really love wearing it in two layers.  If you even wanted to, you could wrap it several times around your wrist as a bracelet!

While I could have stayed all day with my friends and their little ones… we had to get back home for dinner. Turkey burgers is on the menu tonight and guess who’s cooking!! Me!  After dinner we’ll find a good movie to watch. If you ask my son, he would want to watch Cars 3 again but I think we will see what else Netflix has released and make some home made popcorn and enjoy a nice Coke to go along with it! Weekends are meant to be spent with the family, relaxing, and taking care of ourselves. That is exactly what we plan on doing.

Tomorrow we will be watching the Super Bowl with some good friends and then crying our hearts out while watching This Is Us. Is anyone else ready for some answers tomorrow night? I know we have been asking for them, but I take it all back. I don’t think I am ready to see Jack die. What are some other shows that you watch?


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