CALLING ALL MOM HUSTLERS! Listen up mommas, I’m talking to YOU!

I am so excited to share one of my favorite products with you! A month ago on my Instagram stories I asked all of you to vote which color of RYLA Diaper Bag Backpack I should get. I was torn between three options: Urban Black, Mountain Grey, or Beach Beige. Finally, it came down to Mountain Grey or Urban Black.  Some of my favorite voters were even trying to convince me to just get both. Ha, I truly love you all but my husband wasn’t too thrilled about the idea. At the end of the day, Urban Black was the one that really caught my eye.

Through the years, I have had numerous Diaper Bag/Backpacks, everything from the Kate Spade diaper bag to the traditional backpack that is for a mom or dad sold at babies stores. Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t anything necessarily WRONG with them, they just weren’t for my lifestyle.

One of the bags was the size of a duffle bag, It was so huge and I could fit WAY too much in there. Things that weren’t even necessary and if I am being honest, not very practical. There was no organization or cubbies. It was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Try holding a baby and managing to balance a duffle sized bag on your arm without knocking things off walls or having a pain on one side. You put something in and find yourself trying to scrounge around the bottom trying to find it.

The reason the RYLA Diaper Bag Backpack fits my lifestyle is very clear. From the moment you unwrap it, you can tell this bag is not your ordinary diaper bag. They have labeled all the nooks and crannies inside. The labels show you pockets for your tablet, your phone, for water bottles, for clothes that get soiled, for paci’s. Everything has a place, no more bottomless pit.

I wanted something functional and classic looking and the RYLA Diaper Bag Backpack allowed me to maintain a sense of organization that best fits my lifestyle. All while being totally stylish. This is not your mother’s diaper bag. It’s durable, built to last and I love that it’s water resistant and is wipeable. If for some reason that doesn’t work, you can just toss it in the wash, and don’t be afraid because it literally is meant to keep its form.

The RYLA Diaper Bag Backpack will grow with you. Is your child out of diapers? That’s okay, keep an extra set of clean undies in the wet bag. You don’t need the bottle holders inside? Great, use those holders to store snack containers, markers, and toy cars (if you have a son like me). Don’t be afraid to make this bag your own, because that is what RYLA truly wants. They really found a way to design the perfect diaper bag.

I am so happy to share with my followers a code to save 20% off on your very own RYLA bag. At checkout be sure to use code “ALANNAH20”.


Photographer: Simply Amazing Grace Photography
Photographer: Cogden Photography

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